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INREM Initiates Study on Sanitation and Groundwater contamination in Bihar with partnership with Aga Khan Foundation.

INREM FCRA Report for the Financial Year 2016-2017.

HR-APP/2018/001 - Job Position: Training and Capacity Building Manager
Location: Anand, Gujarat, Closing date: 15 March 2018

Roles and Responsibilities:
This position is towards an initiative lead by INREM for the Water quality problems of Fluoride and Arsenic across India. The primary role of this person will be towards executing training and capacity building programmes for the organizing, and related activities such as research and field experimentation for the same. The role will involve travel across India in field conditions of remote rural areas and we expect the applicant to be ready for such activities.

Expected Background and Experience:
The suggested background is in Water quality related management issues, with academic grounding in Rural development, social work, environmental management or related areas. We suggested a minimum of 5 years of experience for the applicant.

The Remuneration will be commensurate with the experience and background of the applicant and would be limited to the specific grant (with support of European union) with which this position would be supported from.

INREM is an equal opportunity employer with emphasis on diversity in gender and other aspects. We encourage applications from varied background to apply for the post
Pl send the Resume on this mail id : harshbdave@gmail.com .  

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